Fake News Round Up Boston March Edition

The Boston March was 40,000 HUGE, while the Alt Right “Free Speech” rally had a just a few people that no one came to listen to by the looks of it.

So then the Alt Right social media machine kicked into Fake News high gear claiming that the Alt Left had come to the march with boards prepared with nails in them.

They did not.

These pictures aren’t even from Boston…

They are in fact, not even from the U.S.

I’ve seen this done before.

People like Based Stickman also tweeted out images to provoke anger over the anti-white-supremacy march.
Though this picture was also NOT taken at the march. (check out the sign on the brick building). It’s from a Trump rally.
And no one at the march was claiming that POC Trump Supporters are Nazis.

Meanwhile, Joe Biggs shot this video, titled crowds are violent in Boston, though you’ll see that literally no one is near him, no one ever hurts him or anyone else speaking at the “Free Speech” Rally. I almost found it funny… but it’s not funny, because videos like this inflame an already tense situation. And also, they are a lie.

Here’s something that REALLY DID HAPPEN:
An actual account of “Free Speech” rally supporter, who was yelled at and sprayed with sill string.

And actual video of “Free Speech” Rally Members being helped inside safely by the crowd of 40,000.

Now I’m not implying that there was zero violence, because I’m sure there was some. You can not gather 40,000 and control them all. And as the police said so well, there is a group that will come to any event like this looking to stir trouble. They aren’t on any side. But no one attacked the speakers. And tons of video shows families marching, bands playing music and people holding tikki torches with balloons coming out the top, instead of fire. And I, for one, am proud.

That my friends is the truth.

The amount of misdirection, and misinformation begin spread across social media these days is staggering.

So it is not always easy to find the truth. But generally speaking, if you pause, and research a little. If you question what doesn’t quite sound right, the truth can be found.

Be safe friend. Keep your eyes wide open. Stay focused on the light.
Share good news and spread the truth.
Rise up.


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