Hold Your Nose Here Comes the Cold Water

From My Facebook Page August 17, 2017

Maybe I’ll get pummeled for this, but oh well.
“Hold your nose here’s come the cold water.”

On a friend’s Facebook page…The gist of the post:
“What do we do NOW? Are we supposed to go back to business as usual?” (a thoughtful question I thought)
One response:
“About what?”

And several others suggesting we all turn off the news to not get swept up into “the drama” or “the negativity”.

My heart sank into the deepest pit of my stomach,
which was already churning.

What happened this weekend isn’t office gossip.
It isn’t drama.
And I may be wrong, but I think
only a white person could say such a thing.

About what?

We’re talking about people marching in Nazi uniforms, with lit torches, shouting “JEW won’t replace us!” and “Blood and Soil.”

If you’re not sure what that means, or you’ve forgotten your history, I totally understand. Refresh yourself on the KKK and Hitler, and you’re all caught up.

Except it’s 2017.
And this was in broad daylight, with khakis, polo shirts,
and a ball cap, instead of hoods.

Sometimes being white, and SEEING white privilege, is difficult to do. Not because we’re terrible people, because WE ARE IN IT.
We breathe it.
We walk down the street in it.
We’re marinating in it, without even knowing it.

Should you wallow in bad news as a habit?
Absolutely not.
Manage what you fill your mind with, for sure.

But I as white person, and especially a white Christian in this country, it is quite a statement to put your hands over your eyes, and your fingers in your ears, while others suffer
just because YOU can.

Not everyone has that luxury.

I will continue to try to see with clear eyes.
I will continue to speak out * shine a light where I can.
I will continue to add value & hope when possible.
I will continue to love you.
I will not shut my eyes.
I will not shut my mouth.
I do not consent.



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