001: Heather Kristian Strang: Her Trip To Brazil Led To A Spiritual Awakening

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In Episode #003, Kristin Thompson interviews Heather Kristian Strang, a long-time friend who shares about living a “spirit-led” life. Listen to discover the meaning of sacred activism, the role meditation plays in our lives, and the spirit-led life and what that means. You will also find out about Heather’s experience traveling to Brazil to get psychic surgery and how that opened her up to a life led as the spirit team guides.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
[00:01] – Introduction to the first episode of Speak Grow Serve Podcast
[00:19] – Kristin started this podcast in response to the election
[00:43] –Kristin met today’s guest, Heather Strang, a decade ago

[00:55] During this time, Heather went to Brazil where she had a spiritual awakening thatchanged her life

[02:10] –  What a spirit-led life means:
–Spirit-led was something that came out of Heather’s mouth in 2007
[03:25] – Around that time, Heather was getting by with her day to day life, but she was always exhausted
[03:42] – One day, she said that she’d start to live a spirit-led life
[03:56] – That declaration led Heather to Brazil to study body talk, energy medicine, andthe spirit
[04:52] – Even as a friend, Kristin didn’t know Heather was on this journey to a spirit-led life
[06:49] – Heather made a leap to get out of corporate America
[07:01] – She learned the law of attraction
[07:21] – When Heather was working with energy, she left her job and did freelancing full-time
[07:48] – When Heather and Kristin met, she was just starting with her new life
[08:26] – Heather started raising money to fund her solo trip to Brazil
[09:45] –Heather says she met a woman who told her about John of God
[10:04] – Heather knew immediately that she had to go there
[10:24] – John of God is a healer who brings spirit energy
[11:40] – It was a huge opening for Heather that gave structure to her life
[12:13] – Heather had a physical problem that also contributed to her going to Brazil
[13:17] – She tried western medicine and even tried reiki, but nothing worked
[13:53] – Heather says she was terrified on the day of her psychic surgery
[14:12] – The woman Heather met prior to her trip became her point of contact
[15:15] – When Heather woke up after her surgery, she thought she was going to die
[15:37] – A part of Heather did die in Brazil and gained a radical rebirth
[15:52] – Heather knew nothing about psychic stuff
[16:28] – How  a part of Heather died in Brazil
[18:02] – It was terrifying
[18:15] – A magical thing happened; Heather started praying
[19:08] – There was this point where the energy shifted
[20:10] – From there, Heather knew everything was going to be alright
[20:30] – I offered it all up
[21:30] – Create a new normal
[22:45] – Heather also had moments of backsliding
[23:39] – Living by the spirit has done so much for Heather
[24:27] – This is her path now and there’s no going back
[25:45] – Kristin remembers her 20s where she was in a horrible place and was so lost
[27:00] – She went to an AA meeting that got her unhooked from her addictions and her life changed dramatically
[28:30] – Heather believes each person has their own destiny
[31:48] – Something shifted during the election
[32:52] – Kristin felt like the issues were done
[34:04] – Heather definitely did not anticipate all the discrimination issues to day
[35:06] – We entertain patterns
[35:21]–We revisit old patterns because the charge has not been cleared
[36:40] – Don’t transmute hate with hate
[38:19] – This happened to wake us up on a deeper level
[39:05] – We have a better chance, than ever before, to actually shift this with love to nonviolent reaction and peace
[40:52] – Kristin and Heather are both activists
[42:13] – How Heather met her spirit team
[42:30] – Heather says NO to traditional activism
[43:29] – Heather heard the words sacred activism
[43:41] – She asked her spiritual team what it’s about
[44:10] –  Sacred Activism: you only take action to your desire to support Mothr Earth and all inhabitants of Mother Earth
[45:49] – We have to take action on that point of connection
[46:21] – Kristin shares about people who attacked her on Twitter
[46:51] –  People want everything to be dualistic
[48:14] – When you hate on someone, you’re hating on yourself
[49:30] – You cannot rationalize with the unconscious
[49:59] – Respond with LOVE
[51:12] – Every human has a spirit team – non physical, spirit guides, and angels of the highest light
[52:15] –  Start by saying you’re willing to work with your team
[53:29] –Heather started meditation right after her first psychic surgery in 2008
[53:46] – In 2013, she went back to John of God to meditate
[54:16] – On her last day, she heard she would be working with 5 guides, the JOGs
[54:53] – In 2015, Heather had her 2nd spiritual awakening
[56:39] – Start with 11 minutes to meditate
[57:19] – Let everything unfold
[57:41] – Kristin shares her experience with meditation
[58:34] – She had a “boring” vision to clean up her office closet
[58:58] – She cleaned up her closet and found things from her mom who already passed away
[59:12] – She pulled out a card from an envelope which was for her son, an Easter card… written out for him, in an envelope and all.
[01:00:09] – Heather had an amazing journey these past few months

[01:00:21] –These happenings will most likely make no sense at first

[01:02:13] – Heather shares another spiritual experience with a band member she interviewed 7 years ago
[01:03:02] – 2 weeks later, Heather noticed a blue bird following her around
[01:03:24] – Upon researching, Heather found out that the blue bird symbolizes an angel messenger from a departed loved one
[01:03:35] – While in meditation, Heather heard that she needed to Google the band
member’s father
[01:03:53] – Heather finds out that the father was an artist who passed away a couple of
years ago and that he was a spiritual man
[01:04:06] –Heather Googled his artwork and the first thing she saw was the exact
picture of the blue bird that had been following her around
[01:05:00] – Kristin mentions, The Celestine Prophecy
[01:06:31] – Heather also got into painting spirals which she learned later are ancient Celtic
symbols for the divine feminine

[01:07:10] –The spirit-led life Heather has been living has been amazing

[01:09:40] Kristin closes the podcast

3 Key Points:
1. There are things we cannot explain in this world, but are worth pursuing.
2. Never transmute hate with hate- respond with love.

3. Open up to your spirituality and discover the spirit-led journey that awaits you.

Resources Mentioned:
● John of God
the healer from Brazil that Heather visited
The Celestine Prophecy
Kristin refers to this book when she hears about Heather’s spiral paintings
● Connect with Heather on her website here: http://www.HeatherStrang.com