005: Ann Webb: From Ideal Life Vision To Full Time Philanthropy

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Episode 005: Ann Webb

In this episode, Kristin Thompson interviews Ann Webb. Ann developed the Ideal Life Vision program to help people achieve their goals. After being an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Ann is now doing humanitarian work in India and Africa. She equips women with what they need

to establish a business from maintaining a cow. She took a leap of faith to become solely a non-profit organization, devoting all of her funds into supporting women from these developing nations.

Time Stamped Show Notes:
[00:33]–Ann recently moved from Salt Lake City, Utah
[01:20] –Kristin loves living in the mountains
[01:32]–One morning, Ann woke up to a deer looking into the living room
[03:09] –Kristin and Ann have known each other for 5 years
[03:44] –Ann was doing the Ideal Life Vision business back then
● 04:22– Ann & Kristin laugh that Ann purchased Kristin’s Rock Your Talk Program twice because she loved it so much
[05:08] –Ideal Life Vision is taking your 1 year plan and writing it down
[05:31] – Ann’s 2017 Life Vision is 10 pages, single-spaced typed
[05:45] – You record it to music and listen to it every single day
[06:01] –The power of your own voice, the clarity, and music move you
● 06:26 – The movie What the Bleep Do We Know blew Kristin’s mind
[07:49] – She started reviewing her daily goals while listening to music
[08:03] – The $5000 budget that she could never hit grew to $8,000 in 7days
[08:19] –She eventually got $25,000 in 90 days
[08:32] – According to Kristin, it’s the magic
[09:47]–Ann set her goal of $20,000, but her brain fought the idea
[10:12]–By listening over and over to the recording, she felt her goal should be $20,000
[10:56] – Ann has been doing this since the 80’s
[11:07]–Ann does not know why it works, but decided to turn it into a business in 2006
[11:59]–Ann had the methodology of writing and recording, using one’s own voice and repetition
[13:11]–The Life Vision process helps people create a new normal by writing it out and listening to it consciously and unconsciously
[14:11] – You need to get over the critic voice and start putting in a new goal
[14:30] –It takes about 60 to 90 days to get to that new normal
[15:00]–The brain is a fluid thing creating new pathways and new ways to link things together
[15:51] –Ann’s dad gave her two ideas
o [15:58]–The goal-setting technique
o [16:01] –The business idea
[16:18] – Ann’s dad tried it for 18 months and has quadrupled his income
[16:34]– After writing the goal of $20,000, the next year Ann made $100,000 and went into the 7-figures
[16:50]–The goal setting technique eventually became the basis of Ann’s business idea
[17:22] – At any time, your life can shift
[18:03] – Don’t look at your past as an indicator for what you are going to do next
[18:24]–Has somebody on earth done the thing I want to do?
[18:39] – Ann has turned from being a business coach to a humanitarian
[19:37] –Ann hit 7 figures over 3 years in a gourmet food business
[19:43]–The tool helped me get there because it changed my mind set and compelled me to take action
[20:24] – The people noticed and Ann shared what she was doing; people weren’t very supportive when they found out about her technique
[21:32] –When Ann started telling people about it again in 2006 (when The Secret came out),they wanted her to teach them about it
[22:32] – Her husband asked her to turn it into a business
[23:19] –The abundant mind-set worked in the entrepreneur/first world country setting
and Ann wondered if it would also work for those in developing countries
[23:37]–Ann went to Kenya for a humanitarian trip and put it in her Life Vision to find out
[24:00]–Ann’s target was women and she wanted to equip them with tools
[24:11] – A billionaire saw Ann’s post of wanting to take the idea of Life Vision to India and paid for everything
[25:50]–Ann has taken 13 expeditions in the last four years
[26:37]–Ann has seen the power of intention and there are many testimonials saying that it works
[27:34] – Ann discusses her African trip, bringing Life Vision to the women
[29:50]–Ann started to do expeditions and raised money for these trips
[30:40] – Ann wondered whether it was time to be a full-time humanitarian and give all the proceeds of her business to the non-profit
[32:11]– All the money made for a specific month goes into that month’s project
[32:26] – Ann was able to discern what is her ideal life and is now living it
[32:24] – Kristin donated a couple of cows and describes her experience helping out
[34:45] – Ann sometimes worries about how the cow will be treated by the recipient
[35:53] – Dominic, Ann’s man on the ground, reported that they got a group of people together and repaired her house because it was in disarray
[36:40] – That experience changed everything in Ann’s organization
o [37:02] – It was the first time the coaches did a project without Ann’s or anyone else’s resources
o [37:41] – The other coaches were inspired and they now go and do service projects from their own money
o [38:14] – Dominic has given the equivalent of a full month’s salary
[38:20] –Ann’s job is not to give handouts to people, but to mentor and model the best way she knows how
[38:50]–Ann’s pictures are placed everywhere in the community
[39:41] –From teaching things herself, she found that the people responded more if it was someone who also came from their community who was explaining the concepts
[40:41] – Kristin recommends the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
[41:05] – Elizabeth talks about the clues the universe gives and the choice people have to either shoo it away or pull the thread
[42:55] – How people in Africa feel about giving back
[43:59] – Ann wrote a book More Than Money: Manifesting a Meaningful Life
[44:08] – 95% of people who came to Ann were entrepreneurs who wanted to make more money
[44:24] – Ann added a new program last year about giving back
[45:30] – Ann explains how she responded to the poverty she encountered
[46:35] – She keeps going back to Africa because the people there are happy
[47:21] – Ann knew that when she did something, it was making a difference
[49:23] – Ann has created a movement of people serving and helping other people
[49:52] – Ann’s best friend Tara, could not come to Africa with her one time and was devastated so she found a way to give to the homeless in Salt Lake City
[50:48] – It is the ripple effect
[50:58] – One of Ann’s favorite books is Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed
[51:27] – If everyone pays it forward, you can change the world
[51:45] –Kristin wants to join one of Ann’s expeditions
[53:36] – There is power in doing a little bit to change a family’s life
[54:23]– If you want to help Ann’s program, all the money goes into purchasing cows
[55:06] –Kristin is blown away by Ann’s work

[55:25] –Thank you all for listening!

3 Key Points:
1. Visualize and remind yourself every day the goals that you want to achieve.
2. Giving back should be an important part of everyone ’s Ideal life vision.

3. Through helping out and doing our small share, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

Resources Mentioned:

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic

If you’d like to create your own Ideal Life Vision:
http://createalifevision.com is for the Ideal Life Vision program – so you can expand your life this year and enjoy knowing that all donations go to orphanages and Women’s empowerment centers (info on the link)

Wanna donate a cow (or partially contribute to a cow)?
http://globallifevision.com/campaigns/cowproject/ This is for any donation for cows (no program given) in part or in full. 🙂