Why I started The Uprising Podcast…

I’m so excited to be launching the UPrising.

Its an idea that has been brewing for a while, and finally when the divisiveness of the election happened,
and Standing Rock was being violently attacked,
I knew I had to bring this to life.

For me the election awakened me. It showed me that what I thought were the last small remnants of bigotry, misogyny, and gender & religious bias…. well it seemed I was dead wrong.

I thought the marches of MLK and the work of feminists, was work done in the past. That I had missed the  moment and the movement.

And yet, here we are in 2016, with black people being assaulted at Trump rallies. And Muslims being told to leave the country. Right attacking left, and left attacking right. The country felt like it was in a tailspin.

The news feeds of Twitter and Facebook began to fill with even more hatred and vitriol and name calling, and I knew I better get to work.

The time is NOW. And the person is me. And YOU. <3

And so I bring you a place where you can remember that we are on.
That life is magical.
That laughter in healing.
That imperfection is perfect.
That forgiveness is transformational.
Businesses can be wildly successful without doing it at the expense of others.
And spirit and love can guide us all to a better place.

You will hear from business leaders, spiritual leaders, activists, comedians, and regular people like you and me, who are making a difference with how they live their life.

I hope you enjoy the show as it unfolds. And that each episode brings you a little more happiness & hope.



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