Shocked and Surprised by Trump Presser Blaming “Both Sides”

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Shocked and surprised by Trump!
Are you really?
At this point I don’t see how.

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He showed us when he claimed President Obama wasn’t American.
He showed his colors in the race to win.
When he said it’s okay to grab a woman by her p*ssy.
When he cheered his crowds to beat protestors.
When he tried to ban all Muslims.
When he swore he & his team never met with Russians, except they did.
The list is long.

Every week with him is exhausting.

Now he’s saying that the Nazi, torch bearing protesters, chanting Jew Won’t Replace Us!
are the same as the people who opposed them.

And most of America is sick to their stomach… again.

So I don’t want to hear that anyone is surprised anymore.
If you are, please, please,
I beg of you,
open your eyes.

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